Ofrecemos entrenamientos especiales para tripulaciones que hayan empezado a navegar en 49er, FX y 29er por primera vez como tripulaciones que quieran mejorar aspectos técnicos del skiff, manejo del barco, tácticas en regata, velocidad del barco…

The best TEAMJF Sailing Solutions

We are Javier Torres and Federico Alonso. JF sailing solutions is all about helping sailors to get better and better in the boat, racing, boatwork, in every area that you need to improve to reach your goal!

Regatta coachingJF Sailing Solutions

We can help you to improve your skiff racing in every regatta that you decide to go. It’s the best way to get better in all aspects of racing as we can identify your weaknesses and work on making them your strengths with all the 9er tricks to be on the TOP!

Trainings campsJF Sailing Solutions

We provide camps for 49er, FX and 29er teams. It is a special coaching focused on improving racing specific aspects in the skiff boats. To get good starts, upwind leg, approaching windward mark....

ClinicsJF Sailing Solutions

We offer daily clinics to improve specific aspects of the skiff class. We can work day by day in blocks 3, 4, 5, 7 days to get the best performance for your goal! Allow us to help you improve and you will be able to face any challenge!