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"If the road traveled is rough, we know we're on the right track"



We are Federico and Arturo Alonso. We have been sailing together in the 49er class since the year 2005. To compete in scheduled regattas, we have traveled all our lives to many countries in different continents. Our up and coming challenge will be the 2018 season. Follow us on this path and form part of the project


In 2018 we will compete in the most demanding national and international regattas of the Olympic circuit. These will take place in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, USA, Japon, etc. Two of these trips will be the worlds in Aarhus (Denmark) in August and the European in La Rochelle (France) in June


We have achieved the bronze medal in Miami WC 2018 January. In our athletic career we won too the bronze medal in the 2015 worlds in Argentina. A few months prior we were the North American champions held in Florida. We won the The first edition ISAF World Cup in 2009 and won the European silver medal in 2008.

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“El Gaitero” 49er

This is our office and the platform for our sponsors. Competing in the best conditions requires us to prepare the boat to the millimeter. Constantly working on the hull, optimizing the mast with the appropriate ropes and customizing the sails with our Spanish flag along with our number 46



Every day we strive to improve our coordination and every technical aspect. To become the best, it´s important to pay attention to every detail no matter how small. Planning ahead is crucial but we also have to be able to adapt to the changes necessary during the season



The calendar is carefully planned with every detail with all of the competitions of 2018 with a determined objective, being this a constant challenge, our work ethic can be applied to any field, join our project and we can face the challenges together



We know the importance of online presence for our project and our sponsors. Like training and preparation, developing our own marketing plan within our platforms is vital for the success of our project


ISAF Worlds Aarhus DEN / Europeans

Alonso Sailing Team


49er Worlds / Europeans / Olympic Games trials

Alonso Sailing Team


49er Worlds / TOKIO Olympic Games August

Alonso Sailing Team

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February 27, 2018 No Comments

Bronze medal Miami World Cup

We have achieved the bronze medal in the second round of the World Sailing world cup We are really happy! Now its time to compite in europe and we will start at the Princess Sofia trophy in Palma de Mallorca, Spain in march Alonso Sailing Team

January 21, 2017 No Comments

Waszp sailing

  We are happy to announce that we received our Waszp! The first one in flying through northern waters of Spain! It was an incredible sensation to be flying on the water! The day was perfect, 11/13 knots of wind with flat water. This will be a great addition to our 49er season and an […]

November 24, 2016 No Comments

El Gaitero

We want to give a special mention to our sponsor “El Gaitero” who has supported us since we began on 49er. They´ve been a part of all of the projects we´ve been in year after year. It is a key piece in order for us to be in optimal conditions and win against our rivals! […]


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